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 The Proof 

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Testosterone is the hot button topic these days, and for a very good reason. There are a few well documented studies proving that the average male testosterone is declining quickly in the United States, and the most notable study, that is also often quoted, is the Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS).

Let’s explain this carefully. The study is indicating that the average 40 year old male of today has as much as 30% less testosterone than the average 40yr old male of 30 years ago!!  So the average was approximately 650 ng/dl then, and now it is closer to 470 ng/dl. This is a very serious problem as it continues in a downward cycle, and it is the reason why we are seeing so many men seeking a solution to this epidemic.

The MMAS collected data from 1987 -2004. The study involved the collection of blood samples, as well as information on the health and background of each individual. There were approximately 1500 men of varying ages in the study, and were later classified by age in the report.

During each phase of the study, the researchers analyzed the subjects’ blood samples to measure total testosterone, from which they also able to calculate the amount of “bio-available” testosterone. Bio-available testosterone includes both free testosterone (unbound to proteins) and testosterone weakly bound to proteins (especially albumin).


The NERI (New England Research Institute) team carefully analyzed the data to compare men of similar ages during each phase of the study. After accounting for age and additional factors such as obesity, smoking, and medications, the researchers found that, each year, the subjects’ total and bio-available testosterone decreased an average of 1.2 and 1.3 percent! 

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